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Global insurance think-tank, which has put together executives from more than 50 insurance groups, Institutions and the Internet of Things ecosystem, to discuss the great potential of the most mature Insurtech trend, as well as the challenges it poses to the insurance business. The focus is on any insurance solution based on sensors for collecting data on the state of an insured risk and telematics for remote transmission and management of the data collected.


The most pragmatic multiclient research specialized in the insurance IoT domain based on a constant observation on the usage of sensors in different insurance business lines around the globe.


We interpret best practices and pitfalls for the members leveraging an experience built advising almost 100 different organizations in more than 15 countries on IoT insurance project.


The knowledge is delivered through workshops dedicated one-to-one to each of the organizations which are members of the Observatory and plenary symposiums both in North America and Europe.


IoT Insurance Observatory is about connecting people and ideas in order to spread the innovation culture over the insurance market with three concrete outcomes:

  • The most the most globally relevant insurance IoT knowledge.
  • Three workshops dedicated to each member along the year.
  • Six plenary symposiums along the year.

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2022 Observatory Members


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A wave of innovation is finally reshaping insurance


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Connected Insurance Report 2018



IoT and home insurance

Smart home insurance

Smart Home Insurance Value Creation

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For any inquiries about the IoT insurance Observatory please write to us at info@iotinsobs.com